AIDA has worked to highlight the displacement of Palestinians across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Whether reporting on Access Restricted Areas in Gaza, where farmers are prevented from working their land, or the demolition of Palestinian structures in the West Bank, AIDA draws attention to the experiences of ordinary people.

Olive Harvest Case Studies:

Mohammad Naim, is a 52 year old farmer from the neighboring village of Aqraba. Since he was 6 years old, he helped his father harvest olives from their fields in Yanoun. Last year, Israeli soldiers and settlers forced Mohammad and other villagers off their land while they were harvesting olives, claiming that the land did not belong to them.
“The olive harvest is an important income for the Palestinian families here. Everybody helps. No matter if it is a teacher, an engineer or a student, during this season everybody comes and picks olives. It is a family affair. Settlers do not allow us to go to certain areas and reach our land. They have the support of the army. Many families have lost their olive trees because of them. Due to these difficulties, Yanoun’s olive harvest production is half of what it used to be,” Mohammed said.