Premiere Urgence: Protection Project Manager


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         HUMANITARIAN AID PROGRAM - protection-based livelihood program

Characterized by a strong protection mainstream, this program aims at supporting households under threat  of settler violence or IF interventions, by replacing their livelihoods whenever destroyed or damaged following such issue. In the WB, PUI is part of a consortium funded by ECHO. PUI is partnering ACTED, ACF, GVC & NRC (lead of this consortium).

    DEVELOPMENT  AID PROGRAM : in order to subscribe PUI’s intervention in a rational LRRD approach, a rehabilitation
program, concomitant with the humanitarian aid program, will be developed:

    Women Socio-Economic Empowerment: this action contributes to the promotion and access to equality to increase the participation of women in the formal labour market and eliminate discrimination against women.
     Linking protection and livelihood (still to be granted): This project aims at supporting households particularly vulnerable to protection threats and to the coercive environment through supporting them in remaining on their lands. PUI aims at providing an adequate investment and technical support to the targeted population.

Job Description
Overall objective

The Protection Manager’s Role is to ensure PUI Protection Approach, through all means necessary to the implementation the Early Warning and Response Mechanism. The Protection Manager is in charge of the monitoring & documenting IHL violations, especially through the following management:

-      In the North, EWS through PUI direct implementation

-      In the Center and the South – as Technical lead for the Consortium Partners (ACF, ACTED, GVC and NRC)

The Protection PM is mainly in charge to ensure a Quality control of the overall mechanism in the North, Center & South of the WB.
Tasks and Responsibilities
1.            Management

     Design and monitoring of Project Management Tools of the on-going projects
     Lead, monitoring, support and supervision of the Protection Team
     Drafting of monthly, quarterly and yearly reports internal and external
     Draft of any relevant analysis of SV / IHL violations trends or any relevant analysis of Protection Concerns
     Follow-up of M&E plan and close coordination with the M&E Manager
     Capacity building of the Protection team as needed

2.     Developing & Coordinating the Early Warning and Response System Ensure and supervise the efficiency and the EWS timeframe, through a supervision of the different components of the EWS: alerting, reporting & documenting, referral, assessments, follow-up of the CEW (Community Eyes Watch) and coordination with key stakeholders.

     Capitalizing and formalizing an harmonized EWS mechanism among Consortium partners
     Designing a capacity plan for the CEW in the North and the Consortium Partners in the Center & South
     Involving other stakeholders in the elaboration of an efficient and timely EWS.
     Coordinating a monitoring & evaluation process of the CEW activities with the support of the PUI protection Unit, the PUI Quality department and the consortium Partners
      Elaborating a mapping of the communities affected by settlers related incidents
     Supervising the establishment an efficient alert networking with the local communities under protection threats in order to be timely warned about every protection  incidents  mainly relying on the presence  of CEW and other stakeholders
(PDCO; Focal points; Media etc.).
     Supervising and coordinating the production of Incident report by the PUI Protection Unit & the Consortium Partners to be sent to OHCHR / OCHA and other keys stakeholders as defined in the SoP
      Referring to OHCHR and any other relevant actors the humanitarian needs identified in the Incident report
     Supervising the efficient data collection of the reported alert & incident reports in order to be able to use them for advocacy / indicators purposes
      Developing & strengthening the first draft of SoP in close collaboration with the Consortium Partners and the Consortium
Technical Coordinator (CTC); in addition to keys stakeholders (i.e. OHCHR; OCHA; Anti-Wall Commission; UNWRA

3.            Supervising the conduct of the Livelihoods Technical assessment & the design of Emergency responses in the WB

     In the North, the Protection PM will monitor the conduction of the Technical assessment between the Protection & Technical
Unit , directly coordinated by TL

     In the Center & South, the Protection PM will coordinate with the PUI technical Unit & the Consortium Partners the conduct of
such assessments
     Support the organization of selection committees in the North / Center and South – composed of PUI Protection & Technical
Unit / QLTY dpt, HoM & Consortium Partners - to validate the emergency responses proposed in the Technical assessments
     Supervising the review of the selection criteria & modalities of implementation of the ER in close collaboration with the PUI Protection & Technical Unit, QLTY dpt and the Consortium Partners

4.            SV Technical lead for the Consortium

     The Protection Manager is PUI focal point of Consortium Management Unit under the direct supervision of the WB Field
     Providing technical support to the Consortium Partners at the different stages of the CEW creation
     Supervising & being involved in the CEW training conducted by the Consortium Partners in order to provide her feedback
     Organizing regular meetings / creating tools in order to facilitate the communication and exchanges between Partners
     Providing technical information about SV to the CTC
     Coordinating the development of the SV Alerting / Reporting, Referring & Response mechanism strategy

5.            Implementation of Consortium Protection Activities as per defined within the PMT:

     Implementation  of  the  CPA  methodology  under  GVC  technical  lead  in    communities  identified  within  the  Consortium framework
     Implementation of Legal awareness activities under NRC technical lead and as per defined within the Consortium framework.
     Support to the implementation of the Material Assistance activities under ACF technical lead as per relevant
     Support to the implementation of the Demolition Response activities under the technical lead of ACTED
     Implementation of all Protection activities relevant to the needs of the targeted population and as per identified within the evolving needs assessed.

6.            Representing PUI  & the Consortium in clusters / External meetings / Donors and Journalists field visits

     Representing the PUI / Consortium at the Protection Cluster meeting, the SVCG and the FSS
     SV Technical expert for any external meetings ; journalist & donors field visits

7.            Protection strategy and activities development

     Contribute  to the development  of PUI Protection  strategy  and  activities  through:  proposal  writing,  assessments,  SoPs  and capitalization on Protection concerns (related to IHL violations or other protection concerns)
     Supervision and implementation of Protection related activities as per requested and as per PUI programs evolution
Report to

   WB Field Coordinator
Team Management

Direct management
   3 Protection officers under the direct supervision of the Protection TL

   PUI Technical Unit & Quality dpt
   Consortium Partners –(ACF, ACTED & GVC) and the CTC
Duty Station

This position is based in PUI Field Office in Nablus with (nearly) daily travel throughout the West Bank and continuous travel to
Ramallah and Hebron to participate in cluster meetings and consortium meetings.


Required knowledge and skills
Required Profile 

   Master degree preferably in the field of Law, Social or Political Science, International relations, Project Management or related field.
   Minimum of 3-4 years of relevant working experience in related fields with a focus in the area of protection/promotion of
Human rights and/or international humanitarian law.
   Previous work experience with international NGOs will be preferred.
   Valid and clean driving license.

Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into the team, suitability for the job and assignment)

   Very good knowledge of North West Bank villages and ability of movement in the field.
   Experience in the collection, analysis and interpretation of protection related information, including data base management tools;
   Ability to influence and liaise effectively with key stakeholders, local Palestinian authorities, and Israeli administration/ISF
when necessary
   Ability to work independently and as a collaborative team member in complex and often difficult operating environments
   Ability to independently organize work and prioritize tasks
   Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English
   Professionalism, presentation, communication and networking skills.
   Ability to work under pressure.
   Ability to work with various partners, in a spirit of openness,  and with adaptable communications strategies
   Ability to write reports and follow-up execution of projects’ activities.
   Self-motivated, diplomat, honest, highly responsible, and punctual
   Computer skills, in particular MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Project and the Internet