NRC: Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant – Palestine

Position:         Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant
Reports to:         Head of Programme (HoP)
Critical Interfaces:     Will supervise key components of the review process; Monitoring & Evaluation staff in West Bank and Gaza offices will follow the guidance of this consultant during activities related to this consultancy. 
Duty station:                   East Jerusalem    
Travel:                               30-50% of time in support of review and work planning
Duration of contract:     6 weeks with possibility to extend if need identified

All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.

Primary Responsibilities
Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system assessment (100% of time)
Palestine’s M&E system is relatively well established and has been running for several years. The Palestine office would like to assess the system components and the elements within them, to optimize what the programme and M&E team do that would be characterised as M&E work. The ultimate goal of this review is to provide a path towards an M&E system that emphasizes NRC’s current strengths, simplifies the system and its related inputs to the maximum extent possible, clarifies NRC’s impact, and results in use of the appropriate indicators and philosophical approach. NRC’s activities and successes should be easily stated, measured, and learned from.
This involves what data, processes and initiatives are undertaken and by who under monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning themes. This assessment follows NRC’s Middle East Regional Office assessment of Palestine’s M&E system undertaken in January 2017 and few other Core Competency review undertaken internally. Most of the recommendations from those assessments are still valid; the assessments and reviews will be made available and can serve as a guide as to how to conduct the assessment (i.e. prioritizing specific areas of enquiry). 
Additionally, NRC Palestine’s M&E team possesses significant experience and has already made great headway on systems review including several suggestions and starting points where this review may begin and ways in which current processes can be simplified. The consultant is expected to take team input from the West Bank and Gaza into equal account and to work with the current Acting M&E Coordinator in identifying the best way to incorporate and contextualize current thinking into a broader systems review.
The objective of this exercise is to identify where and how improvement needs to happen, and should result in a clear workplan that will lead NRC to simplified system with a minimum burden to reach effective results and clarity. The recommendations must be in line how NRC view’s the purpose and manner in which M&E is executed locally and globally, as well as in line with good practice and forward analysis of the future of M&E and MEAL and system leadership thinking.
Required Outputs:
1.    Concise review of current systems and analysis of gaps/needs versus NRC and donor requirements and good practice
2.    Workplan covering future direction and revision of M&E system
3.    Resourcing plan to support both system revision and long-term staffing strategy.
4.    Clear indicator matrix that outlines exactly where current indicators can be mapped to global NRC indicators and the steps that NRC must take to actualize this mapping with its donors
5.    One sentence stating what NRC in Palestine does that accurately captures it, one sentence that clearly show how we’re successful at that, one sentence that clearly shows how we learn from our failures, and one sentence that demonstrates the impact our activities have on the lives of those we work to serve.
Primary Responsibilities
Planning/Development (30%)
•    Design, lead, and manage process to establish Country Office (CO) and program level M&E systems, including harmonization of the Country Office M&E framework and support on designing M&E staffing structure and M&E resourcing
•    Develop and/or participate in development of guidance and frameworks for CO procedures, policies and processes that assist in institutionalizing and supporting M&E in the country mission and/or NRC globally
•    Participate in program design and proposal discussions, including support on theory of change development, log frame design, and budgeting for M&E
•    Support and contribute to the development of a data management system through documentation, implementation and coordination of standardizes information flow of M&E activities and reporting

Program Support (40%)
•    Support the Head of Programme and Country Director in advocating for M&E support from donors, partners, and in NRC Country Strategy to ensure M&E remains a high priority in the country program
•    Provide leadership and support to program managers in planning and standardizing M&E across projects
•    Support Area and Project managers in developing data collection methodology and tools, and systems for on-going data analysis
•    Ensure that monitoring data are feed into management decisions and used in program management
•    Actively contribute to all aspects of the recruitment process for new program and M&E staff in the country office to ensure that the M&E capacity needed in various positions are considered during hiring
•    Capacity building and training of program and M&E support staff on M&E technical and conceptual areas
•    Support internal improvement processes (Macro Log Frames etc.) according to need

Management (20%) 
•    Supervise and mentor M&E unit officers in executing M&E plans per sectoral project
•    Collaborate with M&E unit officers to identify M&E related needs of project coordinators and field staff and assist program managers in budgeting resources accordingly
Communication/Other (10%)
•    Under guidance from the Head of Programme, liaise with other country office, regional and home office M&E Advisors and Coordinators, support efforts to harmonize agency M&E systems and standards
•    Communication and disseminate standards and guidelines
•    Coordinate with M&E focal points in other country missions in developing best practices and sharing lessons learned
•    Liaise with peer organizations and M&E staff in partner agencies to facilitate lessons learned and coordination
•    Support the Programme Department in new initiatives, should these arise during the employment period
•    Other activities agreed and discussed with the Country and Programme Directors

•    At least 5 years’ experience in an international NGO preferably in an emergency or post-conflict setting, including M&E capacity and systems development
•    Thorough experience with and knowledge of  principles and current approaches to monitoring and evaluation in relief and development programs, using both quantitative and qualitative methods
•    Understanding of data and information needs for program management and decision making
•    Experience in facilitating the capacity building efforts of diverse colleagues, including local partner agencies
•    Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through training, mentoring and other formal and non-formal methods
•    Analytic and computer skills, including MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access)
•    Native fluency in English, intermediate to advanced Arabic desirable (speaking, reading, writing)
•    Must be willing and able to travel throughout the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza for work purposes including overnighting in each location when required. NRC will support the permitting process for such travel where applicable.

•    Graduate degree or significant experience above requirement in lieu in directly related field, such as operations research, quantitative analysis, etc; significant work experience in directly related field will be considered in lieu of specific M&E related education
Personal Qualities
•    Ability to work under pressure, independently and with limited supervision
•    Ability and willingness to work, travel, and live under difficult circumstances
•    Ability to engage and motivate staff in a challenging program area
•    Good coordination skills
•    Goal oriented and visionary
•    Patient, flexible and creative, and it helps if you have a sense of humour

Desired Skills
•    Expert knowledge of M&E standards and best practice
•    Knowledge of the political situation in Palestine a particular an asset
•    Knowledge of UN system, experience with field level coordination with UN organisations, INGOs, Donors and authorities

Interested applicants are requested to submit their CV, letter of interest, and a brief (2 pages or less) covering the methodology they propose to deliver the required results.